Memories of Dress is a collection which draws from stories of garment ‘use’, a series of illustrated interviews about our most valued clothes. Each piece of the collection is developed from these stories and takes the key elements of comfort, security, identity and childhood memory. The aesthetic draws from hand-me-downs, abstract artwork and 60s interiors. Functional accessories are intertwined with this abstract aesthetic - resulting in a design that considers wearability, function and desirability.

Garment ‘use’ is a significant feature of this project and our relationship with clothes is considered through illustration, written dialogue and fabric manipulation. Though the relationship we have with our clothing is personal and ever-changing, the simplicity of a worn garment is something we all have in common. Each garment can provide an insight to identity, behaviour, gender differences, age, occupational roles, culture, religion and wealth. Understanding garment ‘use’ is just one area to consider in the design process, particularly if emotionally durability is the desired outcome. Of course, the ‘use’ of a garment is most often unpredictable and cannot be established in the design process. However, small considerations of things such as comfort, the effects of wear and weather, and the social implications of each design, can all contribute towards a more valuable outcome.


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