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2020 Collection

Each product is inspired by a person, a snippet of a conversation about our most loved clothes, their functions and informalities. Stories of comfort, identity and childhood memory. Recollections of garments that hug us around the waist and accessories that have been handed down to us through generations.

“The colour! As she showed me this in the shop it took my eye. I can wear it together or apart. You can wear it in the evening time or through the day. It’s an occasion one though. Not everyday wear. I bought it for my granddaughter’s wedding. ”

“It feels like felted wool. I like how it's fitted and hugs the waist. I wear it going out to restaurants and bars, but not everyday. It is too special for that. Mum always said don't chuck clothes into your wardrobe, appreciate them."

Bag[s] Content

2020 Collection


Yellow Scottish Linen Shoulder Bag [linen manufactured in Kirkcaldy, Scotland]. Lined with Japanese cotton offcuts, packaged with recycled materials and finished with vintage fastenings from the 1970s.


Black Large Letter Bag produced with Japanese cotton offcuts sourced from a local designer. Lined with organic cotton offcuts [end of roll], packaged with recycled materials and finished with vintage fastenings from the 1970s.


Red Envelope Bag made with cotton offcuts produced in Lancashire, quilted with recycled bottles and packaged in more recycled materials. Envelope Bags and Pouches can be worn tied around the waist or over the shoulder (or any way you want).


Black Envelope Pouch made from Japanese cotton offcuts [as before].


Grey Envelope Bag. Made from cotton and wool offcuts. 

Production and photography: Morag Seaton

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