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A limited edition collection of printed silk accessories created in Scotland. This new collaborative project fuses the carefully sculpted and stitched designs of Fashion Designer Morag Seaton, with the vibrant and fluid forms of Textile Artist Zephyr Liddell. Each accessory has been carefully combined, collaged together, using sample prints and silk offcuts from Zephyr’s synergetic studio in Glasgow. Together, the collection is playful and precious, an assemble of pockets and pouches designed to touch and treasure. 
Textiles - Zephyr Liddell
Fashion - Morag Seaton
Photographer - JM
Models - Divine Tasinda and Frankie Mulholland
MUA - MV Brown

Above: Zero-waste Envelope Bags, digitally printed silk.
Right: Vase Bag II, hand screen-printed silk.


Morag Seaton is a Scottish fashion designer, maker and researcher with a focus on abstract tailoring, design anthropology, pockets, and environmental solutions for fashion systems. Morag’s creative practice centres around communicating the personal significance of clothing and is informed by her background in sustainability.


Zephyr Liddell is a Scottish based textile designer, who's work tumbles through drawn lines and bold graphics in bright colours and fluid forms, often working with natural, biodegradable-based fabrics. Zephyr's design practice spans costume, fashion and teaching.
Above: Pocket Bag II, hand-painted cotton organdie.

Above: Vase Bag II, hand screen-printed silk.

1. Zero-waste Envelope Bag IV, digitally printed silk.
2. Envelope Pouch II, screen-printed silk Crepe de Chine.
3. Envelope Pouch I, screen-printed silk twill.

Created with hand-painted cotton organdie produced in Glasgow. This pocket bag is a specialist, limited edition piece designed to be tied around the waist, shoulder or wherever desired.

1. Envelope Pouch II, screen-printed silk Crepe de Chine.
2. Zero-waste Envelope Bag I, digitally printed silk.

Frankie wears green linen suit with ingrown bag, Morag Seaton.

These digitally printed silk bags have been designed using zero waste pattern-cutting techniques. This helps reduce fabric waste during the production process. There is an inner card slip pocket and the bag can be worn tied around the waist or shoulder (or wherever desired).
© Morag Seaton and Zephyr Liddell, all rights reserved.

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© Morag Seaton, all rights reserved.

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