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Currently seeking individuals to interview as part of a project about our clothes. 

The interviews are being delivered as part of a wider research project within the Worn community. Find out more aboutWorn here ︎︎︎

This is an ongoing project, due to Covid-19 interviews are now only taking place online, however will be expected to resume in person in 2021. Interviews are one-to-one and led by Morag.



Email moragjseaton@gmail.com to take part / find out more 

What is involved in the interview?

You will be asked to talk about your experiences with clothes in general, as well as your most valued garments. The interview process will vary per participant but you can expect the conversation to cover themes of memory and identity.
With permission, the interview will be recorded, potentially photographed and illustrated at a later stage (depending on the circumstance).
It is an anonymous process, and individual interview outcomes - ie. insights, stories, photographs or illustrations - will not be shared publicly without permission.

It is a general study of people and their clothes. If you are a person, and you wear clothes - then this project is for you. (You do not even have to like clothes particularly.)

What is the purpose of the project?

The purpose of this project is to create an archive of interview insights that can become a rich and widely representative resource that presents exciting possibilities for further research, exhibitions, products, publications and design processes that can all confront the importance of our relationships with our things.

The project has been designed to prompt participant’s engagement with important and topical themes relating to clothing identity, memory, relationships, the environment and much more. As well as provide a platform for people to share their stories.

In light of the issues surrounding obsolete design, and the constant consumption and disposal of objects, the need to bring value to our things is as essential as ever. Talking to people about their clothes and communicating the ways in which we use garments, are just small ways in bringing value to our things. The more we understand about object-use, the less we are likely to consume things impulsively. To understand ‘use’ value means understanding the role that clothing plays in our identity, sense of self, and our relationship with others. Understanding our clothes and finding value in them potentially contributes to a change in the way we consume material things, and opens up conversations about our social and environmental responsibility.

Examples of previous products, garments and books that have been designed around these interviews can be found here.

Why take part?

By taking part in the interview, you will be contributing to an important and exciting body of research that will positively change the way that individuals and groups think about, wear, or produce clothes. The interview provides an opportunity for participants to talk about personal experience, and provides a safe space for self reflection and critical thinking.

The interview process does not need to be formal - it can be anything from a quick chat over a cup of tea to a full sit-down, one-to-one.

If you wear clothes, then this project is for you.

Email moragjseaton@gmail.com to take part / find out more