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Aviation is a fictional 1960s airplane toy. While the toy doesn’t exist, the bold posters and streamlined graphics were created to inform a garment collection. Key elements of Aviation’s shapes and colours are applied to pocket details and in overlapping layers of fabric. A collection that embodies 1960s’ youth and their vision of the future.

“When I was doing my research for this project I became particularly interested in 1960s toys. The revival of the barbie doll and 60s toy vehicles that reflected the streamlined and intergalactic automobiles found in books and graphics in this period. I went to Pastimes, a family run model-shop on Maryhill Road, and drew inspiration from their collection of aircrafts and Dinky Toys. I wanted to create a graphic design, a fictional toy poster that held qualities of the 60s youth and the bold images of that time. Once the poster was complete I applied this to the body, creating samples, layered details and pockets that reflected the shapes within that design. The silhouettes were slightly oversized, childish, with shorts, a mini dress and soft fabrics. Looking at the 60s youth in Glasgow, I wanted to emulate their childish mannerisms, round and soft forms but also what they representated at that time (and continue to do so now), hope for a better future.”

Images: Morag Seaton

Presented at the Fashion Show 1947-2017, The Art School, Glasgow, March 2017

The Glasgow School of Art

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