Memories of Dress
scottish linen, british wool, offcuts, upcycled clothes and other obsolescences

Photo: Rydel Cerezo
Model: Grace Dempsey and Martha Horn
MUA: Mikala Monsoon

Memories of Dress is a collection which draws from Garment Stories, a series of illustrated interviews about our most valued clothes. Each piece of the collection is developed from these conversations and together celebrate stories of identity, comfort and childhood memory.

On the outside, the design aesthetic showcases a series of garments and accessories that appear as abstract wearables, tailored clothes with ingrown bags, softly sculpted details and asymmetrical form. Each piece carefully cut from local fabrics, found materials and other obsolescences, intricately stitched and pieced together. Behind each tangible outcome, however, is an extensive body of research that puts the individual and collective experience of dress at the heart of sustainable practice. Each fashion design embodies a story of personal significance - a garment story, recollected through the hidden contents of our pockets and memories of dress.

© Morag Seaton
© Morag Seaton